Savitha Necklaces

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Elegant and on trend beaded gold stacking necklaces. (Some of these run short like chokers so we recommend purchasing our extenders to add three inches to adjust length if desired). Please read carefully for dimensions / specifications for each necklace:


(Necklaces are listed from top to bottom descending)

1. Top necklace - tiny 2mm beads on an adjustable choker chain.

2. Second Necklace from top - 5mm (larger) beads on a short (choker)14" chain. We recommend purchasing an extender if you would like to wear longer.

3. Third Necklace from top - thin oval / barrel shaped beaded necklace. This measures 13.75" with a one inch extender to adjust length. If longer length is desired we recommend purchasing an extender.

4. Fourth Necklace from top - paper clip necklace. This measures 15" and we recommend an extender if longer length is desired. 

5. Bottom Necklace - graduated beaded necklace. This measures 15" with a one inch extender. We recommend an extender if a longer length is desired.

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